Anonymous Hackers Have Dropped The News That Pentagon Knows World War 3 is Inevitable

Rebel group Anonymous has revved up message regarding likelihood of World War 3

Anonymous hackers have accused the Pentagon of knowing that World War 3 will happen. They have released alerts urging the public to take control by putting pressure on politicians and other leaders.


Over the last couple of decades, the world has moved closer towards another global war. It began as a squabble between western countries and the seemingly always-disgruntled Russia. Soon, the US and European countries would send soldiers to defend Ukraine amidst a violent and bloody conflict.

Events in Syria would be next. Protests were staged for a more trustworthy and honorable government and the outcome was not pretty. Tension rose and things escalated into a war. Next thing you know, ISIS starts to take matters into its own hands. They constructed an extremist state which poured money and resources into terrorist activities. The US and Russia now sit at opposite ends in regards to Syria. Having these two superpowers at odds with each other definitely raises the possibility of a full-scale global conflict. Russia considers the Syrian president as an ally, while the US has the complete opposite view.

Anonymous, the famous hacking group which tries to offer news for people who feel distrust in traditional politics and media, have released a stream of videos and reports, with the latest to suggest that World War III is looming…


Recent posts have bashed the US for its shaky handling of events at home and internationally. Check out the video and opening statement below, where the hackers call for Americans to step up, see beyond the political charades and take action.

When you have a government that operates without limits, when you have a government that militarizes the police, a government that views you, the people, as the enemy, when you have a government that lies to you.

They also accuse the Pentagon of knowing all about the imminent war. Considering the state of technology and military advancements, it is said that a war at this point could prove to be catastrophic for the planet and the human race.

According to Anonymous, our nation’s leaders want to keep us in the dark, but that won’t last for long if people like Anonymous continue to disclose these secrets.

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