After Hearing His Dog Crying Near the Water, Man Goes to See What's Going On, You'll Never Believe What He Found!

He will never forget what he stumbled upon that day.

Rich Wilcock set out for a tranquil beach stroll with his furry friend Leia, the cocker spaniel, during their visit to Gwynedd Wales, when he stumbled upon something he will never forget…


Taken aback by the beautiful view, Rich began to document his relaxing walk with his furry friend.He played around with the camera, testing out his skills at capturing the breathtaking scene with videos and photographs.

That’s when he noticed Leia acting out of the ordinary. She began to make what Rich described as a “right old fuss” by the rocky shoreline. Leia had been whimpering and sniffing tentatively at what seemed to be nothing more than the pebbly edge.

Naturally, Rich went to investigate his dog’s mysterious fascination and came to the realization that she was attempting to draw his attention. The pair stood over something Rich could not believe…they had found a stranded dolphin!

The poor young dolphin lay flat, motionless, and in distress. Cocker Spaniel Leia must have picked up on this as she clearly voiced her concern for the animal as best as she could.

Rich immediately went to action, putting forth his best efforts to help the dolphin get to deeper water. As a result, Rich and Leia eventually managed to return the baby dolphin to safety!

As reported by the Daily Mail, the pair spent more than an hour doing so until they finally got the frightened dolphin back to sea.

If Rich’s spectacular experience of how he and Leia saved a life touched your heart, you might also enjoy the video below! Check out these dolphins showing their trainers just how well they can communicate between themselves!

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