A Disabled Passenger Reserved Two Train Seats. These Two Gentlemen Refused to Give Them Up

Cat Lee of West Yorkshire took to Facebook to publicly shame the two men who ignored her request for the seats she had already reserved.

Some people can really suck sometimes.

Cat Lee/Guzelian
Cat Lee/Guzelian

Like these two, who were traveling from Kings Cross in London to Skipton. They had comfortably settled into the seats, when 43-year-old Cat Lee approached them to let them know that she actually reserved them ahead of time.

Lee has suffered nerve damage and severe, crippling groin pain after an operation. This has left her unable to work, and permanently limited her mobility.

In order to avoid the stress of finding an available seat, suitable for her disability, and to avoid the embarrassment of asking people to switch seats, she thought that booking ahead of time would be the most efficient option.