9 Unconventional Jobs You'll Wish You'd Considered Before Getting That Degree

They don’t teach you about card dealing in school…

At some point in their lives, most people will have a moment where they question their chosen career path…

You wonder what could have been if you’d gone in a different direction, you think about the things you could have done. As much as you may love your job, that moment may come right now for you, as we take a look at 9 jobs that you probably never even considered.

Redditor EduardoA96 took to /r/AskReddit to poise the question“What is a great career path that kids in college aren’t aware exists?” There were many, many answers, but here are some of the most interesting:

1. Perfusionist

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“Oh perfect, no one knows about my career. Only 3,500 people doing it nationwide and we are in a job shortage. I am a Perfusionist and run the Cardiopulmonary bypass machine during heart surgeries. Get a Bachelor of Science degree, then go to a Perfusion School (1 or 2 year program). I am 4 years out of school and made six figures last year. I probably averaged 30 to 35 hours per week. It can be stressful because you can kill a patient very easily (won’t happen unless you’re careless) but it is very rewarding to know you are saving people’s lives everyday.”


2. Accent & Manners Tutor

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“If you’re from the UK/US, some people in China will pay you great money to babysit their kids so their kids can learn the “right” accent and manners. They’ll prefer someone with a college education since it’s more prestigious, and I know someone who was earning $50k straight away.”

– /u/eraser_dust

3. Stagehand


“Stagehand, I am 22 I started at my local community college that I went to school. The starting position was $16 an hour and I was learning stagecraft, how to mix, focus lights, use the rail. Soon after doing that I started working for my local IATSE Local (Stagehand Union) and I am currently an apprentice there. I make about 40$ an hour doing the work and it is fantastic. I get to work for cool artists like Prince, Fleetwood Mac, the Who and see some really cool gear. Many people don’t really think about it.”

– /u/ghost510

4. Flight Attendant

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“Flight Attendants. I recently started working as one. I get 72 days of paid holidays a year, more than enough money, they cover my language learning expenses and medicine is already free in my country. It is not an easy job, but interesting and beneficial one.

After being a junior FA you can become senior FA and then an instructor.”

– /u/lordikioner

5. Card Dealer

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“Card dealing, just moved to Vegas. In 4-5 years you could work your way up to a top tier casino (cousin made it into Ceasers in 18 months but was a special case). Depending on your game could easily net 6 figures a year. Edit: tokes for Sunday and Monday combined were 700 usd a dealer. Gotta love football season.”

– /u/Therbj3

6. Museum Worker

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“Museums! I am currently in my third year of an awesome museum studies program at my university and I also work part time in a museum on campus. It is an extremely diverse field. You could do: • Curatorial work – basically object preservation, both preventative and repairs • Collections Management – overseeing the accessioning, deaccessioning, cataloguing, and storage of objects • Educational coordinator – create and execute educational programs and collaborate with exhibit designers • Exhibit design – making those awesome exhibits you see, from the placement of the text and pictures to the actual physical construction • Basically anything else – museums need all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. Digital design, video production, fundraising, HVAC, etc.

Museums are amazing and fun and creative. And you can pair museums with any area of study too.”

– /u/warpfactorseven

7. Packaging Engineer


“You basically engineer the packaging for products (so you hate that plastic clam shell packaging? You can be the solution!).

Great pay, interesting work and the job outlook is awesome. You can’t name many companies that don’t use some kind of packaging!

Not many schools have the program, but if yours does, I highly recommend it.”

– /u/JewpiterCock

8. Lesser-known healthcare occupations


“A lot of the smaller healthcare professions get forgotten by kids in college or high school. Everyone focuses on being a doctor, nurse, dentist, or pharmacist, but there are so many other professions in healthcare. Speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, medical imaging technologists (X-ray, MRI, US, Nuclear Medicine), radiation therapists, dietitians, audiologists, chiropodists, laboratory technologists. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some. They all tend to pay middle-class income or better with reasonable hours, they require specialized knowledge and skills that put your brain to work at least a little bit each day, and you get to work with patients who are typically quite appreciative.”

– /u/ralkyr

9. Air Traffic Controller


“If you’re in Canada, air traffic controller. All you need is a high school education. There’s lots of testing to get in, iq and personality, but if you do you’ll get paid while you’re in training. Then, depending on where you end up and how much overtime you put in, you can make over $150k per year.”

– /u/hidaniel

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