8 Funny Facts That Are Sure To Surprise You

You’ll learn a thing or two by reading this list!

We’re all so busy these days that we rarely take the time to stop and take a look at the world around us. If you did give yourself a moment to really acknowledge your surroundings, you might notice a whole bunch of things you’d never noticed before! Here are some examples.

1. Toblerones are super tasty, but did you ever notice the bear hidden in the brand’s logo?

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2. The 90s was actually a long time ago. It’s easy (and comforting) to think that it was “just a decade ago”, but that’s no longer true.

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3. Remember Seinfeld? Remember when Kramer used to burst into Jerry’s apartment in all sorts of random ways? Well, did you ever notice the foot marks on the door? We didn’t either.

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4. Are they related!?

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