6 Of The Most Common Reasons For A Breakup

Avoid these issues if you want your relationship to last…

Relationships can be wonderful things, but they require constant care. Over time, problems can build up and push people to breaking point. Here are 6 common reasons why women decide to leave their partners.


1. Loneliness.

People need to know that they’re important, especially to their partner. Women want to feel loved and cared about, they want to know that a man will be there for them at all times, offering support and guidance in moments of need. Many women look at their boyfriends with total adoration, but men seem to lose interest a little more quickly. It’s easy to get comfortable and stop making the same little efforts you used to make. So guys, remember how lucky you are. Remember how it felt when you first got together and remember why you love your partner. Then, start showing that love!

2. A lack of attention.

This is a similar point. People like to share things with their partners. Women often like to talk about their lives and feelings, and if their men don’t listen then problems will develop. There’s nothing worse than feeling like the person you love and trust is ignoring you. Communication is vital in a relationship and if you overlook this fact, you’re walking down a dangerous path!

3. No longer feeling attractive.

We can all feel self-conscious and find things we don’t like about our appearance. For women, this can be especially relevant. At the start of a relationship, both partners are constantly excited and attracted by each other, but this can start to deteriorate over time. Attraction levels can start to fall, especially as people develop routines and relationship starts to become less spontaneous. Sex is an important part of any relationship, and everyone needs to feel desired and wanted by their partner. If a woman has the impression that her man doesn’t find her sexy, she can quickly become depressed and disillusioned.

4. Big life events.

Life happens. And it can pose a lot of problems and obstacles that get in the way of developing relationships. Maybe you get a new job or lose one. Maybe there’s a health problem in the family. Pregnancy, disease, menopause. Lots of different events can arrive in a person’s life and create new stresses and tensions. Sometimes, these changes are just too powerful for the relationship to endure, especially if a woman’s partner doesn’t support her in the right ways.

5. Lack of spontaneity.

Men tend to like routines. It can be very easy to get comfortable in life, doing the same things each and every day. Often, women don’t work the same way. They can enjoy routines too, but not in a relationship. For couples, things need to be exciting and spontaneous. That’s how you keep the spark of love and passion alive. Surprise your partner with gifts or new things to show that you don’t want your relationship to grow stale.

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6. A lack of contact.

If you rarely actually get to see your partner, it’s normal that the relationship will suffer. Some men and women like to go out with their friends, go on vacation with other people and spend a lot of time away from their partners. The breakup then becomes inevitable. Our partners need to be our priorities. That doesn’t mean your whole life needs to revolve around your boyfriend or girlfriend, but you shouldn’t want to spend lots of time apart.

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