25 Tweets From Moms And Dads Who Know The Meaning Of Sarcastic Parenting

A little message goes a long way…

While parenting isn’t always what you would call ‘fun,’ the job can lead to a few chuckles now and then. Between kids’ bluntly honest remarks and their innocent understanding of the world, there’s quite a few opportunities for some sarcasm and inside jokes. Check out these 25 hilarious tweets to get an idea of the embarrassment, comedy, and humor that comes along with being a parent.

1. We all have different approaches to parenting.

© PinkCamoTO

2. What a comforting bedtime routine.

© thenatewolf

3. Fingers crossed and hope to die.

© DaddyJew

4. Clearly she had boys.

© XplodingUnicorn

5. There’s a place for everyone on the field.

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