19 Incredible Pictures Of Our Planet

The place we live is pretty amazing, and here are 19 pictures of everything that goes on around us to prove it!

Let’s face it – although our planet is pretty puny compared to the bigger giants out there, it’s also pretty impressive! Teeming with life, natural beauty, natural disasters and everything in-between, it’s a beauty to behold!

But that’s a hard fact to remember lately. Every day it seems there’s a new disaster going on somewhere in the world, and it’s easy to feel like it’s all going to pot. So here are 19 incredible pictures to help remind us that the world is bigger than our problems – our planet, our lands, our waters, our skies, our creations and even our galaxy – it’s all pretty incredible!

A plane taking off in long-exposure.


A half-tanned man.


An incredible sight – an Icelandic ice cave


A picture of an F-16 barrel-rolling while shooting defensive flares.


That tiny blue planet is actually a representation of all the water there is on Earth!


Think you’re seeing snakes – think again! These are actually caterpillars acting like snakes to keep predators away.


This is a patch of grass struck by lightning.


A water bottle before it’s filled with air.


These birds are flying away from a fire – you can see it reflecting off of them.


How bad posture affects your body through the years.


Abigail and Brittany Hensel – This isn’t an illusion – they’re conjoined twins.


The Hubble Telescope captures a smiley face in space! Theories suggest that the light surrounding the stars indicate a black hole between there and our planet.


These are called Asperatus Clouds – a new classification of cloud! Although they look pretty scary, they have not yet caused a storm.


Andromeda – our closest neighboring galaxy! In about 4 trillion years, our galaxy will collide with it!


Fog hangs over the Dubai skyline.


This orangutan was just released from a zoo in Borneo. It learned how to spear fish by watching other fishermen do it.


An ant stuck in a drop of rain.


A starry sky from Yosemite National Park.