18 Truly Useful Life Hacks

We’ve got the one’s that work.

If you google “life hacks” you will have thousands and thousands of results. Filtering through these trying to find the ones that are relevant to you or that can be easily done can be challenging! So, that’s why we have this list! the following 18 life hacks are useful for everyday life for a lot of different people!

Read on to learn 18 life hack you’ll actually use.

1.  Use clear nail polish to prevent the threads on your buttons from unraveling.

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2. For when you’re making presentations.

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3. How to have a pen stolen again!

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4. Bread bag tags will keep Summer activities comfortable by keeping your flip flops from falling apart.

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5. Turn a half-filled water bottle on its side in the freezer. This will leave room to make ice water.

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