18 Plot Holes In Your Favorite Movies

Even the best films have some big mistakes in them

We love the movies on this list, but they’re definitely not perfect. Even the greatest stories contain a few plot holes. Here are some interesting examples.

1. Why would the machines in ‘The Matrix’ use human beings for power?

In the film, the Matrix is an overwhelmingly enormous and complex simulation designed to keep humans distracted while, in reality, their bodies are being used for energy. Surely using animals would be easier?

via The Matrix Wiki

2. Buzz shouldn’t know how to act like a toy.

The story of ‘Toy Story’ is about Buzz coming to terms with the idea of being a toy, rather than a real-life space ranger. However, as soon as Andy enters the room, Buzz knows how to act like a toy.

via Scratchpad

3. Why did Cinderella’s slipper stay the way it was?

The story goes that, at midnight, Cinderella’s beautiful outfit and carriage change back into the mundane objects that they originally were. However, for some strange reason, the slipper stays the way it is.

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