17 Images To Test How Much Of A Dirty Mind You Have

Are you ready for the Purity/Perversion test?

If you’ve ever been to the Internet (yes, we’re referring to it as an actual place now) then you probably know it happens to be filled with filth. Pornographic content and innuendos are everywhere, making the net a veritable den for the sexually repressed or depraved. Whether you want to or not, you’re exposed to this stuff just by visiting the internet. So, if you’re wondering how much of your innocence is still intact, read on. These images will act as a barometer for your degree of purity.

1. Hard at work.

via reddit / slackwalker

2. Maybe stick to 3 for a while?

via reddit / adubftw

3. Who am I?

Based on the descriptions, guess what they’re referring to.

via FunnyJunk

4. Tap that… boxing glove?

That’s an opportune place to hang them.

via The Berry