16 Signs That Girl or Guy You're Dating Will Never Be Bae!

Use this list to minimise the drama in your relationships!

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It takes a lot of dedication and commitment to have a good relationship. Other key ingredients include trust, honesty and compatibility.

It might take a lot of trial and error during the dating process before you find yourself in a relationship with someone you want to spend your life with, but thankfully there are some tell-tale signs you can look out for when vetting potential long-term mates.

Here are 16 of them to make it easier to know when to cut your losses and simply walk away.

Feel free to use the list to minimise the drama in your life!

1. It might be time to say your goodbyes if they begin to think they see you wherever they go!

Video by Amanda Cerny

2. This shrug is a sure sign that he doesn’t care!

Especially if it’s his answer to every important question, like “Did you eat the last piece of cake?” or “Why are you watching Game Of Thrones without me?”


3. You discover the real reason he never text back and it’s worse than you thought!

If you have to keep on checking your phone, he is wasting your time!

via tumblr / jasonhorton

4. Does he always pop up when you’re hanging with your guy friends?

Really that behaviour is just too much … can you spell STALKER?!?