16 Attention Seekers Who Definitely Took It To The Next Level

Careful! You don’t want to get in the way of their spotlight.

You know those people who make sure to share every detail of their lives on the internet? They’re the same ones who are obsessively concerned with how many likes or comments their newest Instagram pic or most recent Facebook post has. Yeah, we call them limelight lovers. If you’re not familiar with their kind, here are a few examples.

1. Perfect response.

via Twitter / @hcoburn15

2. We’d prefer if you didn’t.

via reddit / EffectivePower0725 Twitter / @KDTrey5

3. Prove it.

via Tumblr / thirstiestmenofinstagram

4. It’s Grandma’s turn. Kindly step aside.

via Twitter / @HeyItsKate203

Have you ever seen anyone more thirsty than #6?