15 Sculptures That Are So Incredible You'll Question If They're Actually Real!

#13 is a must see

The artistic world can get quite creative, to say the least. Working with different types of metals, wire, and natural materials, these artists have managed to create some of the world’s most beautiful sculptures. Completely unique and one-of-a-kind, these works of art won’t disappoint. 

John Lopez Sculptures

Of course you’d love to travel abroad and get a glimpse at these gorgeous sculptures! Who wouldn’t? Just in case you never make it around the world (in 180 days?), we’ve brought them to you. Take a look at these absolutely inspirational and beautiful pieces from nearly every continent around the world.

#1. Force of Nature by Lorenzo Quinn – Doha, Qatar

Showcasing the abilities of Mother Nature, this is actually one piece within a series of sculptures by the Italian artist. The faceless figure, shown hurling a planet, has been installed in various locations around the globe, including England, the U.S., Monaco, and Singapore. 


#2. Poet Mihai Eminescu by Dan Dima – Onesti, Romania

Recognized as one of the most influential poets in Romania, Mihai Eminescu plays a huge role in country’s literary history. We hope he’s pleased with portrait!

Dan Dima

#3. Mustangs of Las Colinas by Robert Glen – Irving, USA

Don’t worry, the massive horses aren’t to scale. This sculpture of stampeding, wild mustangs portrays the gorgeous animals at one and a half times their size! Located in cowboy country, USA, they remind of us of the good ‘ol pioneer days.


#4. Expansion by Page Bradley – USA

Recognized as one of the ‘highlights of modern art,’ this sculpture depicts the author’s reaction to society’s questionable attitude regarding her work. Currently, the piece is located London, UK, Palm Desert, California, and held in a private collection within New York city.

Anastasia Tank

#5. By John Lopez – Black Hawk, New Hampshire, USA

The talented artist found a creative outlet through sculpture, upcycling scrap pieces of metal, retired tools, and vintage pipes. Bonus: the man’s art reflects his personal views regarding environmental awareness: reuse and recycle! Well said John, well said.