14 Adorably Cute Crochet Ideas You've Never Thought Of

Just when you thought you’d seen it all.

If you’re a crafty sort of person, take a peek at these one-of-a-kind, ridiculously adorable crochet patterns. Perfect for a nursery, as a homemade gift, or a craft project to keep your hands busy, these owls, kittens, and puppies (oh my!) will leave you saying, ‘awww!’

1. Chubby baby kittens anyone?

The hand-stitched paws … adorable.

via Ravelry / Sarah Sloyer

2. A new take on the overdone Easter egg.

So cute!

via Instagram / dsgnjenn

3. Colorful raindrops.

A beautiful decoration.

via Etsy / OneandTwoOriginals

4. Actually, yes. I do need a tissue koozie.

How perfect! You can grab a kleenex from the whale’s blowhole.

via Pops de Milk