12 Unbelievable Coincidences To Make You Question Everything

Read through these amazing stories that will make you question the world we live in.

Sometimes events occur in life that make you question everything! Maybe it’s a sense of deja vu, or a really vivid dream. In this case, it is 12 completely unbelievable coincidences that have us scratching our heads in wonder.  

Proof of Reincarnation?

The founder of luxury car company Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, died in 1988. Roughly one month later, Mesut Özil, the now-famous footballer was born. Placing their portraits side by side, you could easily think the two are related. Or, is this proof of reincarnation?

Wikipedia/ Welt

Was The Titanic Tragedy Predicted?

In 1898, fantasy author Morgan Robertson wrote a novella about of a ship named The Titan which sunk during its voyage.

14 years later, a very famous ship by the name of The Titanic sank for real.

However, the similarity of the ship names is not the only eerie coincidence.

Both ships, the real and the fictitious, were labelled “unsinkable”, were lacking in lifeboats, had similar technical characteristics and collided with icebergs in the North Atlantic ocean.

Freaky, right?

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Unlikely Neighbors

Although separated by two centuries, two very famous musicians unknowingly lived side by side. Popular composer George Handel and legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix lived on the same street in London. Handel lived at number 25 Brook Street, whilst Hendrix lived at number 23 Brook Street. Both men were talented musicians who influenced music during their respective eras.


The Hoover Dam Tragedy

One of the very first fatalities during the construction of the famous Hoover Dam was George Tierney. He tragically died on December 20, 1922 whilst carrying out preparatory work.

Both strangely and sadly, the very last casualty during the dam’s construction was George’s son, Patrick Tierney. Not only that, Patrick also died on December 20.


Unlikely Meeting

In 1895, two cars collided in Ohio. While car accidents are quite common nowadays, this particular accident was quite unlikely considering these were the only two cars in the entire state of Ohio at the time.

Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents weren’t recorded during this era so there are no official records of this coincidence.


Presidential Coincidences

Upon comparison of the respective biographies of two American presidents, Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, there are a number of apparent coincidences.

Firstly, both presidents were accompanied by their wives and another couple when they were fatally shot in the back of the head. Both assassinations occurred on the Friday before an important holiday. Lincoln was shot just before Easter while Kennedy was murdered the night before Thanksgiving.

Secondly, both men left behind four children and had a friend named Billy Graham.

Interestingly, President Lincoln employed a secretary named John, while Kennedy had a secretary named Mrs. Lincoln. Lastly, both presidents were succeeded by southern Democrats vice presidents named Johnson.