12 Adorable Snow Animals To Keep You Warm Through The Cold Winter

I’m all about #12

Not everyone is a big fan of the snowy weather. It’s cold, damp, and it can make it really difficult to move about.

However, Snowy weather does have its benefits. The hot cocoa! The layers and layers of blankets! The trench coats! But most of all, by far the most amazing thing about the snow is the animals that thrive in them, cuddly under all those layers of fur and fuzzies! So here are a couple of adorable snow animals to warm your hearts!

1. Snow Dog

“Umm… yummy!”

via 500px / Sarah Bourque

2. Mountain Cat

Balancing on the edge of glory.

via reddit / [deleted]

3. Mischievous Macaque

He looks like he’s up to no good.

via mochida1970 / Getty Images

4. Bored Bird

“Oh snow, how droll!”

via 500px / Carla Stringari Pudler