11 Terrifying Ocean Pics That'll Retire Your Bathing Suit Permanently

Number 6 scared the seaweed out of me!

I used to like the water. Whether it was dropping a line in from my favorite fishing hole, playing football on the beach, or just spending a lazy afternoon floating away on an inner-tube, a day near the water used to mean a good time. Then my editor asked me to write this article. Now everything has changed. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I avoid large puddles. I jump whenever someone turns on the tap. These 12 pictures have ruined water for me, and now they will do the same to you!

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1. It may look like something rotting away, but this is just the everyday look for the oh-so-handsome Viperfish.

via reddit / [deleted]

2. These Hatchet fish are coming right out of the ocean and into our nightmares.

via reddit / sivribiber

3. Say ahh!

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4. Just hundreds of eels swaying with the current, waiting for you to come in for a swim.

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