11 Sure-Shot Ways Of Having Twins

Science doesn’t lie. Want twins? Then read on!

Don’t you just love twins? I know I do! However, it’s not just because they look adorable; twins are also supposed to be a lot better connected to each other as they grow up. But did you know that some parents-to-be actually strive to have twins?¬†Here are some methods to test out if you’d like to boost your chances of having more than one baby!

1. Twins beget twins.

If there have been other twins in your family tree, you’re more likely to have twins yourself.

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2. Older women are more likely to end up with twins.

Due to certain hormonal changes that occur as one gets older, your body is more likely to release more than one egg. If more than one egg gets fertilized as a result of that, you end up with twins!

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3. African-American women are more likely to have twins.

Just a better statistical chance.

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4. If you’ve been pregnant before, it’s more likely that your current pregnancy might result in twins.

This also correlates mostly to an increased statistical probability.

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