11 Rules That All Cat Owners Should Follow

You should never ever do these things to your feline friends

Cats are great pets. They’re known for being smart and independent, but, as a cat-owner, you still have a lot of responsibility to keep your animal safe and happy. Here are 11 important rules to follow if you want your furry friend to enjoy a good life.

1. Don’t smoke around your cat.

Flickr / Ted Thompson

It isn’t just humans who suffer from secondhand smoke, animals can be victims too. Cats can develop cancer and respiratory issues if they inhale too much smoke.

2. Don’t keep a cat indoors.

Flickr / eltpics

Indoor cats can be perfectly happy, but these animals are naturally inquisitive and like to see what’s going on in the world, so they at least need access to some windows. Try hanging bird feeders on the side of your house; the cat will love watching the birds flutter around.

3. Always clean the water dish.

Flickr / elycefeliz

When you drink from a glass, you wash it, right? Well, the same rule applies for your cat. Don’t just top up the dish with fresh water; you need to actually give the dish a good clean, ideally on a daily basis.

4. Clean that kitty litter.

Flickr / Laura Bittner

Odor-eliminating kitty litter can often make us forget that the litter box is filled with cat poop. It’s not healthy or hygienic for you to leave all that waste there, so be sure to clean out the box each day.