11 Cute And Cost Effective DIY Designs To Transform Your Home On A Budget

Find a use for that retired TV stand yet?

When it comes to decorating your home, you want the design and overall feel of the space to reflect what is uniquely ‘you,’ right? What better way to guarantee a personalized piece of art or a one-of-a-kind nightstand than to make it yourself? We’ve got 11 completely brilliant, totally customizable DIY designs guaranteed to create that dream home you’ve been picturing.  

1. Grab those leftover five gallon buckets if you’re in need of an upholstered ottoman!

Home Depot also sells ’em for a couple bucks, literally. That’s as cheap as it gets!

via Design Sponge

2. Create a custom gold-framed mirror.

Don’t worry, the process is ridiculously easy. Simply mix equal parts spackle and wood glue to form a paste. In sections, spoon the mixture onto any mirror’s wooden frame (you might want to cover the actual glass in case of any spills). From there, grab a tablespoon to create the noticeable imprints in the paste. Voila! 
via Janice Anderssen / Hometalk

3. Upcycle those ‘factory made’ brands into something totally unique.

This clever fella transformed a simple table top from IKEA into a modern, one-of-a-kind painted coffee table. Word on the street is the project only took about 45 minutes (with drying time)!

via A Joyful Riot

4. Transform a simple household item into the best DIY headboard you’ve ever seen.

You’ll never guess what that masterpiece is ACTUALLY made of. Rubber door mats! Grab an intricate design, a glue gun, and some rubber paint (industrial-grade, commercial acrylic or water-based paint work best) and get to work!

via Kara Paslay Design